Because your journey...
...deserves Precise care


Because your journey...
...deserves Precise care

Why choose Precise Personalized Care Hospice
Why We’re Different

What makes Precise Personalized Care Hospice different from the many other hospice's in the DFW metroplex you may ask? Precise Hospice approaches every patient and family with a personalized and dignified approach. Every patient has a plan of care that is created to meet the holistic needs and personal requests of both patient and family. Precise Hospice seeks to treat not only the body of the patient, but the mind, spirit and senses. We utilized the latest essential oils and lotions to promote the feelings of peace and relaxation during our times of care...

Precise Personalized Care Hospice understands that not every patient speaks English and has developed a multilingual staff to meet the communication needs thereof. Finally, Precise Hospice has an amazing team of trained volunteers who take pride in spending time with patients, allowing family members to have a few hours for self-care.

The Medicare Hospice Benefit
Who Pays for Hospice ?

There is no reason to defer hospice care due to financial concerns. The Medicare/Medicaid/Private Insurance Hospice Benefit is an inclusive benefit, in which all hospice services that are related to the terminal illness are covered 100% by Medicare Part A.

There are no co-pays or out-of-pocket expenses.
Care that is unrelated to the terminal illness continues to be covered by
Medicare Parts A and B, with all normal rules applicable
(e.g., co-payments, coverage guidelines and deductibles).

Coverage includes everything involved in hospice care that is related to the patients hospice diagnosis. This includes visits by a nurse, medical social worker, chaplain and nurses assistants as well as medical equipment, incontinent supplies and all medications related to the terminal diagnosis.

Benefits of early
Referrals to Hospice

Most hospice appropriate patients wish to be comfortable and at home during their hospice journey surrounded by family and friends. However, many wait too long to contact a hospice provider, despite abundant evidence showing that early hospice care can greatly improve the quality of life for both patients and their families.

For the Patients


  • Effective medication, pain and symptom.
    management resulting in less discomfort and fewer emergency hospitalizations.
  • Earlier intervention may decrease stress levels and have a positive impact on the quality of life.
  • A reduction in unnecessary and frequent admissions to the hospital/ER.
  • A reduction in stress of traveling back and forth to the hospital or physician offices.
  • Hospice professionals assist in developing goals concerning the final wishes of the patient.
  • Preparation and coordination of advanced
  • Full emotional, psychological and spiritual support.

For the Patients & Family


  • Personalized education to both the patient and family members during an overwhelming and difficult situation.
  • Guidance towards achieving peace during the final stages of life.
  • Providing an opportunity for closure and saying good-bye with everyone together.
  • Both patient and family will become comfortable with the disease process with in-person teaching and written materials provided by the hospice staff.
  • Receive expert assistance from nurses, medical social workers and chaplains concerning financial and end-of-life planning.
  • Saving on expenses of medication, equipment and supplies related to the terminal prognosis.

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